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Graffiti Baby Inc.



“Graffiti Baby” is close to my heart.”

– Lorena Vasquez


It is a collection of skills learned from the school of hard knocks. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY. back in the 80’s, surviving socially and physically. Not having role models in sight, she would resorted to your typical youth vandal and doing graffiti on public surfaces. Seeing how kids were unjust to one another and loving to express art but not having a positive outlet, she looked toward how to get into business. She reflected on how to do graffiti in a way that would benefit others not just herself.

At the turn of the century she had many battles to go through, some she was not even prepared for. She didn’t finish H.S. but was encouraged by her coworkers to try out college. She managed to be accepted to F.I.T. in NYC. There is where she found faith in G-d. Running out of money and falling in love with an amazing man, she took to prayer to find her next route.

She found a Dance teacher whom she noticed helped kids out from their struggles. “I decided then to seek and help with the talents given me by G-d” To help her as she helps others. The relationship will be of mutual benefit.

Graffiti Baby company was born. After a few fundraisers Lorena decided to seek out how to better her skills that did not require going into deeper debt. She focused on raising her 3 children and after jumped into freelance Floor wrapping, wall wrapping, vehicle wrap and t-shirt printing and the like

Graffiti Baby Inc. is still pushing forward in-spite of this new social distancing challenge.